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How To Remove Your Screens

This video shows how to remove and replace a half screen from an EcoShield window.

How To Choose The Right Style Shingle

Choosing the proper roofing material to fit your home might not seem like an exciting way to spend your time but sooner or later it will need to be done. Whether replacing, or just repairing your roof, @Howard Quality Window we feel it’s important for our customers to understand all the options available. This allow us to tailor a solution to meet your budget, style, and goals.


This video from Certainteed will give you a greater understanding of Shingle Style and show a large variety of Good-Better-Best shingle choice to aid you in the decision making process.

Contact Us today for additional information on Certainteed roofing material and shingle styles.

How To Choose The Right Patio Door

Some people like them swinging, some like them sliding — but they all like patio doors as beautiful complements to a home’s décor with bright views of the outside and more natural light inside. Patio doors are striking additions to a home without sacrificing security or protection from the elements.

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How To Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding resists most common household stains, but it will become dirty like any product exposed to atmospheric conditions. In areas not exposed to direct sun and rain, periodic washing with a soft bristle brush and clean water from a garden hose may be necessary to remove surface dirt. Chalk may also accumulate on the surface. This is a normal condition for pigmented materials exposed to the elements.  
For best appearance, clean vinyl siding at least once a year.  To remove soil, grime and chalk from your siding, use a garden hose, a soft bristle brush and a bucket of soapy water. (You can also use the solution described below in the section dealing with mildew.) To minimize streaking, wash the house from the bottom up. Thoroughly rinse the siding with clean water from a garden hose. Avoid prolonged or high pressure rinsing of open ventilated areas. Keep cleaning solution off surrounding fixtures and surfaces not scheduled for washing.  

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